lena Erdil Windsurf Margeret River
Margeret River during the 2019 Starboard Photoshoot
2019 Starboard Isonic
Lena and her 2019 starboard isonic

Lena Erdil

Welcome to my Webpage !! Glad you made it here. Here is where you can find out more about me, subscribe to my monthly email Newsletter, read some of my articles on my Blog, or watch my Vlog. Meet my partners and stay up to date with the latest information about new projects.

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2 x IFCA World Champion (2015-2016)

1 x PWA Indoor World Champion (2014)

3 x PWA Vice World Championship (2014-2016-2018)
2 x PWA World Championship 3rd Place (2013-2015) 
5 x Young Women’s Turkish National Champion (2003-2008) 

8 x Women Turkish National Champion (2009-2017)  


My Philosophy

If you truly want something the whole Universe conspires to help you achieve this dream. I am one of those idealists that believe in the power of dreams, that there are greater energies in the Universe then any of us can comprehend and that through an attitude of gratitude and tuning in to nature and your true desires you will be able to attract positive things into your life. 

The world of professional Windsurfing isn’t an easy one, especially as a women, yet it gives me so much pleasure I wouldn't like to imagine my life in any other way. I am extremely grateful to be able to pursue my passion as my full time job! Pushing my limits during competitions and always trying to better myself is what drives me. I love learning and enjoy being able to take in new experiences during my travels. To be able to share more of this life and maybe inspire some of you to follow your dreams  I have  started producing a VLOG on my Youtube Channel and have enjoyed the process of learning about filming and editing. Make sure to check them out on my channel Lena Erdil and let me know what you think.


My Story

I am not your typical surf child, I have spend the biggest part of my life growing up in Cities far away from the sea, Göttingen in Germany  (my mothers Hometown) and Brussels in Belgium where I went to high school. I went on to study politics and philosophy in England and only with a degree in my pocket I finally fully committed to my dream of becoming a full time professional windsurfer! Travelling the world competing on the PWA world tour consistently achieving top 3 results in slalom as well as starting to compete in the waves has been my life since then. While I try to push my limits and achieve my goal of becoming PWA World Champion chasing the sun and wind around the world has been my favourite by-product. I wish to share my story and hopefully inspire as many people as possible to believe and act upon their dreams.


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